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The “Body” paintings are the beginning of this journey.

Born from an inner, instinctive impulse. Each painting represents pure and simple emotions.

States that were stuck in the body. Emotions, experiences, black holes, experiences that had not been processed. Emotions that created discomfort and suffering.

There are emotions of which one is aware and some of which one is unaware. Processing emotions is important in order to experience them and look at them from another point of view: sublimation and metamorphosis.
This process makes them hurt less. The process is a journey.

As in a vase they were in the bottom, in the dark. 
Through the medium of colors and instinct alone, I took what I had inside and brought it out: onto canvas.

Now it is possible to see through the eyes what I had inside. The colors and canvases made it possible to touch and see the intangible.
They allowed me to come out of the darkness and begin to see the light: transformation.
The creation of such paintings came from instinctive acts through the body, throws, a taking in and taking out. The colors were thrown as a ritual, randomly on a conscious level, but consciously on an unconscious level (I apologize for the pun).


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