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Abstract painting year 2020

Size: 60×60 cm

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work description


Abstract painting title Inari year 2020 size 60x60cm


Thework Inari creation of 2020 with acrylic on canvas technique size 60x60cm abstract painting


Name from Japanese deity.
Inari or also Oinari, deities of fertility, rice and foxes, successful industry and soil. Inari is represented as male, female or androgynous and sometimes considered to consist of a collective of three to five individual deities, and is a popular figure in both Shinto and Japanese Buddhist beliefs.

Abstract Framework

Abstractionism is one of the major trends established in painting and sculpture in the 20th century originated in Germany in contrast to Impressionism. It does not depict recognizable scenes or objects, but instead consists of shapes and colors chosen for pure expressive value. In a more or less pronounced way, abstract expression was the first visual revolution.

Abstractionism arose from artists’ choice to deny the representation of reality in order to enhance their feelings through shapes, lines and colors.
Form is understood as the result of the encounter between man and the world, alternating between empathy, that is, approaching reality, and abstraction, that is, rejection of reality.
The term ” abstract” is therefore often used to designate all non-figurative forms of visual artistic expression.

The Inari painting is therefore included in ‘abstract art.




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