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Abstract painting acrylic and paint technique on canvas year 2021 body series
First Place Exhibition The Colors and Spices 2021

Dimensions: 90x90cm

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work description


Abstract painting title metamorphosis technique acrylic and paint on canvas size 90x90cm year 2021 series body
First Place Exhibition ” The Colors and Spices ” 2021


The abstract painting you are looking at won the prize of First Place in the exhibition ” Colors and Spices.” Rome-based exhibition. Title of painting Metamorphosis, created with acrylic and paint technique on canvas in 2021 size of painting 90×90 cm included in body series.



The process of creating metamorphosis began through automatic writing on canvas. Painting overlaps in three levels of creation.
_ first level: writings, messages;
_ second level: four parts pink, blue, yellow and purple;
_ third level: white, black with various splashes, throws, mixed releases.

Each color communicates, takes what I have inside and is a bridge of communication between me and the canvas, they are inner words that through the body are transcribed on the canvas.
The user himself experiences the painting according to his emotions and according to his states.

The metamorphosis painting was created in early 2021 with acrylic paints, varnishes and markers, the selected canvas is 90×90 cm in size.


First place

In addition, this painting was selected, chosen for the exhibition ” Colors and Spices “ held in Rome at the Area contesa Arte International Gallery in Via Margutta 90.

The painting Metamorphosis won the first place prize at the July 16-21, 2021 group show.


I started by writing what I wanted, what I needed. And I created him. A four-piece map that comes together and gives rise to change.

Ravi Alisha

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