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The flight


Painting action painting year 2021 body series

Dimensions: 50×50 cm

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work description

The flight

Abstract painting 50×50 title The flight year of creation 2021 unique piece


The abstract work, title THE FLIGHT included in the Body Works Series. Year of creation 2021, each work is a unique and unrepeatable piece. Dimensions 50x50x2,5 cm. The spreading of colors is done directly with the hands, as a means of direct connection between canvas and body. Technique used acrylic on canvas with matter. Creation is an instinctual path. The body communicates more fluidly and in a real way what we have inside us. Painting is inner project, born of emotions.

Love, passion, lightness and union.
Two hearts uniting and taking flight.

Colors have an intrinsic meaning that we learn and associate along the way.

The colors in the painting The Flight are mainly two red and white surrounded by small shades, splashes.

Red is: love, passion, strong and powerful energy, it is pleasure. If we close our eyes and visualize red where does it lead us?

White is: purity, peace, light, transparency. If we close our eyes and visualize white where does it lead us?

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