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The Jump


Abstract painting acrylic and paint technique on canvas year 2021 body series

Dimensions: 200×120 cm

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work description

Il Salto

Abstract painting entitled ” The Jump ” acrylic and paint technique on canvas size 200x121cm year 2021 body series


Abstract painting was created from a burst of happiness, title ” The Jump ” acrylic and paint technique on canvas size 200x121cm year 2021 body series.

The Jump

A picture filled with joy and happiness.
A rainbow journey to jump into its energy and make it your own.


Colors and emotions

Colors are our personality.
Even before it is a scientific certainty, it is an intuitive belief for us that color exerts a psychophysical action on the organism (human and otherwise).
Seeing, touching and sensing. Color exerts a complex action on us, both physical and psychic.
“Who ever sees a color does not only perceive a certain range of electromagnetic vibrations, but simultaneously feels its emotional effect.”

Color creates a certain emotional mood.
Of course, we are not always aware of the physical and psychic impression that color makes on us; this sense Lüscher says that colors speak a “predominantly unconscious emotional language.”

A color, in fact, can express different emotional states, depending on its gradations.
According to Lüscher, the meaning of colors is universal and objective, regardless of culture. However, it is entirely subjective what attitude a person or culture takes toward a color and especially what it arouses on a physical and psychic level.


A jump of joy! Happiness. I saw so many colorful stripes and needed to transfer them to canvas. I wanted to transfer happiness here and forever.


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