The cycle of life, future


Abstract painting acrylic technique spirit series

Dimensions: 100×100 cm

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work description

The cycle of life, future


Abstract painting title ” the cycle of life, future ” size 100×100 cm acrylic technique spirit series


The new abstract painting entitled ” the cycle of life, future ” canvas size 100×100 cm technique used acrylic on canvas, included in the new series of the year 2021 spirit series.

The cycle of life, future

The central part of the painting depicts two streams, two souls on a journey.
These souls are wrapped in the circular cycle of life. A cycle in constant movement and change.
White represents the purity of life and energy around us. A birth of life. Black the depth.


Spirit Series

The spirit series differs in the layering and delicacy in which the color is placed on canvas, creating flows.
The flows correspond to our inner essence, the spirit.



The painting here was chosen to participate in the 2021 exhibition Dreamars II atHub/Art, via Privata Passo Pordoi 7/3, Milano with the cultural association “Art Space”.


A vision. I saw and felt the movement of the back of the right hand making the movements to create life in the middle of the painting and all around the time enveloping it. Two firm, strong, confident movements.

Ravi Alisha

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