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The sambucine lilies


Painting pop and abstract: THE WORLD IN SPOTS

Dimensions: 50x50x3,5 cm

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work description

The sambucine lilies

Pop and abstract paintings
year 2022 series THE WORLD IN SPOTS
size 50x50x3,5 cm

Painting ” The sambucine lilies “

Painting THE WORLD IN SPOTS pop and abstract painting, year of creation 2022 title ” The sambucine lilies “.

I decided to create the union of the two visions: the instinctive vision and the concrete rational vision.

This creative process occurs through the combination of photography and painting.


Photo details:
Location: Costa dei Greci Trail _ Alta Via dei Monti Liguri _ Cassego Area (SP), Italy_
Subject: ” Two sambucine lilies”
Date: May 4, 2022


In this creative process, the rational part precedes the instinctive part.

I choose a detail to photograph and paint it afterwards. The colors chosen are selected by instinct.

Stains of color fill our eyes creating what we see.

The viewer can choose how and where to sit and look at the painting.

With the detail of the photographs he can find the locations again.

Acrylic on canvas



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